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"I liked the album very much. Lonette has a lovely voice and a very professional tone. But the song that really took me over was Luck Walked Out, sung by Gavin. He is very talented, with so many ideas and his own unique style. But he also has a raw vocal talent.  His singing is so convincing, you really believe every single word."
Reet Kromel Williams - Pianist and singer. Major recording artist in Estonia


"What can I say? Absolutely brilliant. I'm not a great jazz lover, but I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. Great recording, production, musicianship and vocals. Great guitar playing. It has blown me away!"

Thomas Maguire - Irish country singer and recording artist with Fhiona Ennis


“Fine CD. Really great stuff and all the best of luck. Not sure about the title, though."

Frank Griffith – outstanding sax player and jazz band leader
“Really enjoyed CD - the music is wonderful.”

Sheila Jordan - American jazz singer who appeared with Charlie Parker's band and still performs


"Excellent – and what an oh-so-professionally produced album."

Laurence E Cole - Author of books Deep Soul Ballads and Dusty Springfield: In the Middle of Nowhere


"Loved the samples on the Pimp My Jazz website. Beautiful stuff. Bought the album. The more I play the Pimp My Jazz CD, the more I like it, and I think some of the songs are destined to be classics."

Lorna Read - Children’s book author, journalist, musician & songwriter

"Gavin has such a sophisticated sense of harmony. I have worked with many great musicians, and Gavin is right up there with them. Yet he composes by ear."
John Hamilton of EQ Studios - producer of Pimp My Jazz album

"I really like some of the tracks - clever and fun. I would love to sing some of those songs myself!!"
Sarah Jane Weston, singer and pianist


“Loved your song Luck Walked Out”.

Mel Peake - Sinatra-style professional singer
"I am just in the mood for this sort of thing  - and it's wonderful. Whole CD is good listening. You have written some excellent material."
Ken Govier - artist/photographer

"I've been listening to the CD and I think it's fantastic. Nice chilling album. Didn't know Gavin sang - his voice sounded really good." - KM, former carer

"I loved the CD, both the music and the lyrics. My favourite tracks were Give Me A Song and the French one, Days Gone By."- GB, former head teacher

"Your songs are so good - very catchy." 
Diane Holme, singer

"Damn fine CD - so varied. I play it a lot."
The late Peter Miles, actor and singer and childhood friend of Dusty Springfield

"We really enjoy your album and often play it. Sorry we keep missing your gigs!"
Barbara Fisher, journalist and author of Tales From an Old Hack

"I loved the way you wrote the lyrics (plus I could hear and understand them!) and the way they were all sung.  I could feel myself relax and unwind the more I listened.  Overall, very much enjoyed the album and thought it was extremely well put together. I hate trad jazz, but it was nothing like that." - SH, ex-scuba diver and round-the-world traveller

"I love the song I Never Learned My Lesson. It's one of my favourites, and I was so happy when I found it on Soundcloud." - Facebook link by VC, singer