Other music

January 2014 -
Gavin & Kay studio produced two new country songs - West Virginia and You Put the Hurt on Me.
In 2012, international recording artist Andy Walker recorded two tracks from the Pimp My Jazz album - Loving Love and Give Me a Song. Both were available as downloads, but the second was also due for release on CD.
As songwriters, Gavin K Sparks & Kay Shelley have written in many different genres - including jazz, Latin, R&B, blues, soul, funk, pop, rock, country, MOR.
In Dec 2011, the rock n roll song Maisie and the country song A Fool's Heart were released by popular Irish country singer Thomas Maguire on his album The Best of Thomas Maguire. See PRESS RELEASES for details.
In 2009 Sparks & Shelley put together an album of 12 easy-listening mixed-genre instrumental tracks written by Gavin with keyboard and guitar, entitled Tripping Over Pebbles, suitable "for driving, drifting and dreaming". Contact Kay for more information.

TRIPPING OVER PEBBLES (copyright Sparks & Shelley) 


12 mixed-genre instrumental tracks


1 Atomic Flute – electro folk (3:22)

2 Cuba My Home – Latin samba (4:08)      

3 Escape To The Coast – pop folk (2:36)

4 Work It Out – country rock (2:53)

5 Jungle Chain – afro rhythm (2:46)

6 Cyanide Attack – electro dance (2:46)

7 Sittin’ With Joe – R&B (3:02)

8 News Online – electro trance (4:00)

9 Sleepless In Kiev – pop orchestral (3:27)

10 Do It Now – electro pop (3:35)

11 Spanish Sunset – Latin flamenco (3:20)

12 I Will Still Be Here – R&B folk (2:59)



In 2007, the pair mixed a pop track called Don't Hold Back, sung by Helen Knox-Johnston, and also a Latin ballad called Beloved (Amados) sung partly in English and partly in Spanish by Dave Lawrence.


In 2005, the song One More Time, sung by Helen, was released on a compilation album through Nonego Records - a Greek-managed company based in London.


In 2004, Helen was co-vocalist on Sparks & Shelley's Olympic pop anthem Athlete, mixed in Athens with leading Greek singer Chris Giatsidis. It was played on radio in Greece and also on London Greek Radio.