Other music

January 2014 -
Gavin & Kay studio produced two new country songs - West Virginia and You Put the Hurt on Me.
In 2012, international recording artist Andy Walker recorded two tracks from the Pimp My Jazz album - Loving Love and Give Me a Song. Both were available as downloads, but the second was also due for release on CD.
As songwriters, Gavin K Sparks & Kay Shelley have written in many different genres - including jazz, Latin, R&B, blues, soul, funk, pop, rock, country, MOR.
In Dec 2011, the rock n roll song Maisie and the country song A Fool's Heart were released by popular Irish country singer Thomas Maguire on his album The Best of Thomas Maguire. See PRESS RELEASES for details.
In 2009 Sparks & Shelley put together an album of 12 easy-listening mixed-genre instrumental tracks written by Gavin with keyboard and guitar, entitled Tripping Over Pebbles, suitable "for driving, drifting and dreaming". Contact Kay for more information.

TRIPPING OVER PEBBLES (copyright Sparks & Shelley) 


12 mixed-genre instrumental tracks


1 Atomic Flute – electro folk (3:22)

2 Cuba My Home – Latin samba (4:08)      

3 Escape To The Coast – pop folk (2:36)

4 Work It Out – country rock (2:53)

5 Jungle Chain – afro rhythm (2:46)

6 Cyanide Attack – electro dance (2:46)

7 Sittin’ With Joe – R&B (3:02)

8 News Online – electro trance (4:00)

9 Sleepless In Kiev – pop orchestral (3:27)

10 Do It Now – electro pop (3:35)

11 Spanish Sunset – Latin flamenco (3:20)

12 I Will Still Be Here – R&B folk (2:59)



In 2007, the pair mixed a pop track called Don't Hold Back, sung by Helen Knox-Johnston, and also a Latin ballad called Beloved (Amados) sung partly in English and partly in Spanish by Dave Lawrence.


In 2005, the song One More Time, sung by Helen, was released on a compilation album through Nonego Records - a Greek-managed company based in London.


In 2004, Helen was co-vocalist on Sparks & Shelley's Olympic pop anthem Athlete, mixed in Athens with leading Greek singer Chris Giatsidis. It was played on radio in Greece and also on London Greek Radio.The song was praised by former world-famous athlete and Olympic chief Sebastian Coe.